Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mia is observant, meticulous, and systematic. Hmm . . . must be my child.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I Got It!

Saturday night we took out our "Everything Binder" (those of you who know us well, know what that is!) and looked through our restaurant gift cards. We had some for the World Sports Cafe and we decided that would be a great place to take Mia since there's no way anyone would complain if she was loud. Riverpark sure has changed. On our walk from the parking lot to the restaurant, we saw a train. Apparently, you can get on this little train and ride around the shops or something. I don't know where it goes or if it costs money, but Mia sure thought it was cool to watch. We also saw an ambulance drive onto the sidewalk right up to the theater entrance. Who knew we'd find so much entertainment, and we weren't even inside the restaurant yet!

Inside World Sports Cafe, Mia's eyes never stopped looking around. Talk about overstimulation! I just LOVE to watch her watch new things. She just kept looking around from one tv to the next. When people would cheer for the basketball game, Mia's eyes got big. I don't know if she knew if she should laugh or cry, but although she didn't laugh, I'm glad she didn't cry. Sometimes loud sudden noises (like the vacuum) scare her.

Mia was so distracted that when Troy tried to feed her, she almost ended up with an earful instead of a mouthful because she turned her head so suddenly. She would just kind of absentmindedly open her mouth without paying attention to where the food actually was.

The food was great, Mia behaved well, and some lady with lipstick like a clown commented on how beautiful Mia was (funny, because Mia's hair was extra spiky and funny looking).

The best part of the night was on the way home. By the time we got into the car it was nearing 7:45. Mia usually goes to bed at 7:30, so she was tired and you could see it in her eyes. She had the blank stare going on. When Mia is tired like that, all she wants is her "beddy" and her thumb, so of course we got a little protesting when we put her in her carseat because it wasn't her "beddy". After a few minutes of her "complaining", I said, "Mia, it's okay, you can go to sleep. Just put your thumby in your mouth." This is when both Troy and I heard Mia say, clear as a bell, "I got it!" We laughed so hard she stopped complaining just to listen to us laugh. We laughed all the way home, put Mia in her "beddy" and then laughed some more. That's something we won't forget!