Monday, October 5, 2009

Bedtime Routine

Tonight, Mia decided to take the bedtime routine into her own hands. She turned on the "little" light all by herself and told me to turn off the "big" light. She asked to give Daddy a kiss and hug. What's funny is that when she kisses him, she takes his face in her two hands and turns it so that she can kiss him on the lips. She chose a book and settled into the chair with me, but wouldn't let me read. Instead, she said, "Mia read book, Mama". She read me the Olivia book, telling me all about how Olivia likes to put on her shirt and shoes and "swimmy suit". She told me Olivia "painting" and how she took a bath because "she dirty". When she was finished reading me the story, she put herself in her bed and told me how she wanted her pillows arranged and which blankets she wanted. I turned out the light and asked her if she wanted me to sing a song. She told me she would like the "Baby" song, so I started to sing, but I was interrupted by her request for "Itsy Pider song". I started to sing the "Itsy Pider song" and she said, "Louder, Mama." Of course. You want it louder. So I sang louder, but apparently not loud enough. "Louder, Mama." I finished the song and gave her a kiss on the cheek, to which she said, "Other cheek, Mama". Wow. A little control issue?