Monday, March 9, 2009

I Love Hugs and Pats!

Mia has been sick this weekend, so there has been lots of nose wiping and grumpiness. She hasn't been real hungry and has been sleeping a lot. As yucky as it is to be sick, I have enjoyed it because when Mia is sick, she is VERY cuddly! She comes over to me at random times while she is playing and crawls into my lap to cuddle and suck her thumby. Today while she was resting on me and sucking her thumb, I felt her little fingers tapping on my shoulder rhythmically. She was patting my back! I just melt when she does that. Then when she was sitting on my lap looking at me, she spontaneously decided to give me a kiss. (As much as we try to teach her to kiss on the cheek, she prefers to kiss on the lips, and it's really cute!) Just a month ago, Mia started to get less cuddly, so when she's sick, I enjoy every minute of her snotty nose kisses and warm body snuggles.