Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meeting God

Last night, Mia met God. We went to church last night for the beginning of Missions Month and a group from Fresno put on a concert for us with some great singing, dancing, and acting. For one of the skits, a man was dressed in white robes and represented Jesus or God. Mia tuned in to him right away. She pointed at the stage and whispered to me in amazement, "Mama, that's God!" I hadn't told her anything about what they were acting out, so I was surprised that she caught on. Throughout the performance, Mia continued to point and say that man was God. When the performance was over, Mia asked, "Where's God?" She continued to ask as we walked from the sanctuary to The Cafe. We got some cookies and sat down, but she was still asking where God was, so I told her I would find him for her. I went over to one of the performers and told her about Mia and asked her where "God" was. She told me his name was Dominic and she would find him for me. Well, Dominic came over to the table where Mia was sitting and he is not a small man. He towered over us. He had heard the story about how Mia thought he really was God, so he played along and was really sweet. He shook her hand and asked her name and how old she was. My generally shy little girl didn't turn away at all. Normally, when someone asks her name, she hides her face, but she looked right at him and told him her name. She was so taken with him and it was just precious! When he walked away from our table, Mia looked at me with wide, serious eyes, and whispered, "Mama, that was God!" She was beyond excited! I wish I had thought to take a picture of them together! Oh, well. They'll be at church again tomorrow, I think, so maybe I'll try to get a picture then.