Sunday, June 22, 2008

Swimmy Fish!

Mia love love loves the water! We call her our little swimmy fish. She kicks her feet and splashes her hands like she just wants to take off and go!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


These last 4 weeks of work went by fairly quickly. I hated every minute of being away from my Mia. Going back to work just reinforced my decision to stay home with Mia. I've applied for an online teaching position and if I don't get that, Troy said he'd do whatever he had to, including waiting tables. What a guy! He wants me to stay home as much as I want to stay home. I just can't see someone else raising my Mia.

Mia has become so quick on her knees that she rarely even attempts to stand anymore unless there is something on the coffee table that she wants (usually something she's not supposed to have). Every time I leave the room, she follows me, although sometimes she whimpers because she's tired of crawling after me.

On Father's Day, Mia had her first all-fruit Jamba Juice and drank it with a straw! It was totally cute and it made our day. She was so good at using the straw that I thought she might get a cold headache from drinking so much at once. Whenever I would take the cup away, she danced with her entire body to tell me that she wanted more. How could I resist?