Saturday, September 13, 2008


Mia is walking! On Saturday night, Mia took her first steps at Dorina and Ericlee's house while everyone was over for cooking club. Troy was helping her walk and let go of her hands and she took four steps to me! Troy and I were thrilled. Mia didn't seem to know what she had done. I think she probably only did it since her motivation was high . . . she wanted Momma.

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Amazing 30th Birthday Present from my Very Sweet, Oh So Creative Husband

When I got back from the climbing gym (Troy took a long lunch to stay with Mia while I went), these "postcards" were all over the house. Some were tucked into picture frames, some were in the kitchen cupboards, the bedroom, on the tv, the couch, and in Mia's room. I couldn't believe how many there were. When I found the first 7-8, I got on the phone and called Troy and asked, "How many of these are there?" He told me to guess, so of course I figured it out. There were 30 of them! I found 28 in the house. He told me I would get the other two later.

Of course I thought this was the sweetest thing ever, so I took the cards to MOPS at 6:30pm. It was the first meeting and just happened to fall on my birthday. When I got to MOPS, I got my dinner and sat down at my table. Before I started eating, I told the ladies at the table that I just had to tell them what a sweet thing Troy did. I showed them the postcards and they started to pass them around the table.
That's when Troy walked in with Mia. I have to say I was absolutely frozen. He came in carrying Mia and an arrangement of flowers! He gave me the flowers and said "Happy Birthday" and I started crying, of course! The whole roomful of ladies (63 of them!) started singing "Happy Birthday" to me!

Inside the card attached to the flowers were the other two postcards. The best tw0. . .

30 is the best birthday!!!